Global Head-jimony?

OK, Pat Oleszko, our reigning monarch of amazing costumes and zany humor, struck again on Sunday for the double-birthday lunch… we arrived to lovely hats made of folded up world maps, hence the incomprehensible title above…

Peace sign provided by temporary visitor Jonathan Tasini, recently vanquished by Hilary Clinton in the NY State primary for Senator…

Here’s something you’ll want to check out… thousands of Mexicans entered 22 Walmarts in Mexico City this afternoon and “redecorated” while occupying the stores for a half hour or more… some great videos on google here and here. There’s also the first two of three parts of the Zapatista’s latest linked from Narco News… I also got a translation of an interesting slam on Marcos and the Other Campaign so if anyone wants a copy of that, write me and I’ll forward it to you…

Meanwhile, after a lot of rain a big wind came up on Sunday and I got away for a bike and hike (10 mi. and 6 mi. respectively)… which led me to some gorgeous east coast autumn forest moments, and here’s a few shots to tantalize you with… different kinds of forest friends:

The lovely carpet on which I walked:

and the helpful mycelium that my recent readings about soil and humus have led me to understand might be the very key to global earth awareness and self-management! Who’d a thunk it??

Been working my permaculture chapter, reading a great deal about the soil-food-web. The guy, Paul Stamets who has recently written Mycelium Running, has been working on this stuff for a long time. He has several articles scattered among my back issues of The Permaculture Activist, and I am pretty darn impressed. I haven’t read his book yet, but my impression is that he’s going where no one has gone before, hypothesizing that the underground networks of mycelium (which can reach to 80+ square miles!) are the living cellular apparatus of Gaia or global self-awareness… interesting thesis… I read a long article in The New Yorker a couple of years ago about a mushroom hunter and that story said science knows amazingly little about mushrooms and fungi in general… In my reading it said that fungi evolved 1 billion years before plants, and that the elaborate symbiotic relationship between plants and rhizomatic microbes is all bound up in fungi… way over my head, but I guess that’s why I called this Global Head-jimony…. hardy har har…

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    Beautiful pictures of nature, i am sure this would have been a wonderful experience to remember for a lifetime.

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