War Is the Air We Breathe

I’m sitting in an old 1830s farmhouse near the border between New Hampshire and Massachusetts. It’s over 90° and quite humid, as it has been since I arrived five days ago. It seems the heat wave will only intensify in the next days. I spent a lot of time here in the 1980s and early […]

And Yet, We Go On

Difficult to sit down and begin writing. Not so much a writer’s block. I just find everything that I might write a bit distant and empty in light of living in a country that is actively supporting the ongoing genocide in Gaza. Waking up to the daily reality of tens of thousands of murdered civilians, […]

Post-Pandemic Melancholia . . . Same As It Ever Was?

First days of August on the beach in Mexico, eating coconut pie, pretty far from melancholic!

Dark times will always spur retrospection, but we need to look backwards not simply to track either progress or decline but rather to open our eyes wider to the crosscurrents, contradictions, and eerie resonances of history. (p. […]