For the Love of Rain

We had some awesome torrential rains over the past few days, initiating the new roof on our building (it seems to have done its job!). After my trip through the Amazon and its equatorial rains, then the stormy weather I had in LA, it seems only fair that I’d come home to heavy winter storms […]

It’s Happening in Los Angeles!

I had a great visit to Los Angeles Feb. 5-9—it overfulfilled my best expectations. Ever since a number of friends moved to LA after the Dotcom bust drove so many people out of San Francisco, I’ve had the feeling that Los Angeles is a far more interesting place than it used to be. I […]

First-Ever Amazonian Critical Mass!

Under steady rain, 100 cyclists took to the streets of Belem in the first Bicicletada in the Amazon!

It was a great night! Pai d’Egua! (That’s a charming idiomatic expression that local Belem cyclists have taught us: literally Father of the Mare, but translates as “Cool!” The Paulistas were charmed by this as […]