Dimitri Orlov, whose book “Reinventing Collapse” I mentioned in the last post, has a very illuminating blog post out explaining the events in George, Abkhazia and South Ossetia in a way that you just can’t get from all the propaganda organs we’re normally subjected to… I also recommend Asia Times where there’s been a lot of good coverage from a variety of angles. Amy Goodman interviews Colonel Gardiner about it yesterday, also interesting, and he said he figured the Russians had planned for a U.S. intervention and had made it clear they’d go all the way to tactical nuclear weapons if the U.S. sent in military units to defend Georgia’s assault on South Ossetia. Nothing to worry about! Just keep your eyes on the Olympics!

At 18th and Dolores in front of the cafe where the Google shuttle stops daily, someone has painted this on the ground. Recently Carol Lloyd in the SF Comical wrote about the effect of googlers on SF real estate, which might have given impetus for this…

I realize I have been slipping again, now that I’m back in my daily life in San Francisco. It’s not that I wouldn’t love to have the time to ponder and post at least weekly, but I’m spending about 40+ hours a week on the Shaping SF wiki, which we’ve decided to roll out to the public by October 15. (That many hours on computing purposefully makes it reeeeeaaaallly hard to blog… just sayin’.) I’m experiencing some layers of deja vu as I once again plow through all this familiar material that I knew SO well 10 years ago… yep, it’s been 10 years since the original version rolled out (slightly more, Jan 98)… I’ve also been enjoying the new life that comes with Adriana having moved in during the summer. So, all things considered, I’m not as available as I’d like to be for blogging…

Oddly enough I was offered an online radio show, 13 1-hour slots as a pilot program, but it turned out to be one of those “deals” where I would have to find a sponsor, or come up with $7K, neither of which interests me. I’m also facing the prospect of launching a new magazine if I can develop a coherent enough editorial philosophy. Part of me would be delighted to do another magazine, another part of me thinks, “why?”… been there, done that, though not as a “job”… but then I’m still quite happily avoiding anything approaching a regular job, which feels like the basic minimum to me now after so many years of freedom. My income is way down, but my expenses are too, so it’s ok so far…

I have a number of local appearances coming up:

This weekend I’ll be at the San Francisco Writing for Change Conference, speaking at 11 a.m. on Saturday, on Nowtopia and the writing process that helped bring it about. Next Thursday I’ll be presenting at The Abundance League, a charming group of folks who are trying to shift paradigms in ways that I’m enthused about. And then on Saturday the 233rd I’ll be giving a labor history tour to some visiting Egyptian labor reps during the day, and giving a Nowtopia reading at 7 pm at Red Hill Books on Bernal Heights.

Then I’ve got another trip planned, which should jumpstart some blogging if nothing does before then. I’ll be heading to Toronto on Sept. 4 and appearing at Cinecycle that very night. More events are still being planned in Toronto, then I’ll be giving the keynote at Conflux, a festival of psychogeographers in Manhattan Sept. 11. Then after playing in NY for a few days I’ll be in Troy, NY to speak at the Sanctuary for Independent Media.

OK, that’s it for now… back to the wiki!

This was one of many panels of art at a recent Precita Park paint-a-thon hosted by Precita Eyes Muralists.

I found this and a couple of other ones by the Artist General around Main and Folsom a week ago… not sure exactly what they’re up to, but always glad to find some independent art/politics on the streets and poles of our ever-gentrifying, ever-monotonizing city…

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  • Jess Austin


    Not having any connection to the Caucasus I can’t claim any special knowledge, but that “illuminating” blog you link is sectarian and prejudiced on its face. Did he really compare all Georgians to Stalin? Would it be cool to compare all Austrians to Hitler?

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