Road Blockades

I’m far away from my normal routines, enjoying a beautiful stay at Blue Mountain Center in New York’s Adirondacks. Some beautiful pictures are below. But here’s a quick note on blocking roads, increasingly the practical form of a “social sit-down” spreading across the world. The Argentinean piqueteros made great use of it a few years ago, and the Bolivians used it to bring down four presidents in two years. Now the Mexicans are filling the streets of Mexico City, Oaxaca and other parts of the country, refusing to return to the docility that the ruling elite has built their power on for all these years. Check out a good piece from La Jornada by way of Narco News.

Another interesting article popped up on the increasingly indispensable Asia Times today, regarding Hezbollah’s successful interception of Israeli battlefield communications, concluding that the the impunity that has ruled First World/Third World warfare up to the present is no longer possible. A notable leveling has taken place, proven in the recent conflict, which will either lead to more diplomacy or more extreme violence… guess which one the current crop of war criminals will opt for?

Anyway, here’s a couple of shots from Castle Rock which is a half hour climb from Blue Mtn. Lake’s shore.

This picture shows where BMC is, on the adjacent Eagle Lake.

Here’s a side view of the sprawling clubhouse (it was once a golf clubhouse, but now it’s just a club house for the crazy artists and writers who get to call this home for a month):

Here’s the same building from down by the lake:

The pier we can hang out on and read, swim, or whatever…

And this is how beautiful Eagle Lake can look when the light is right:

After days of gloom and drizzle the sun finally came out yesterday, allowing us to head off to Castle Rock where I took those first pictures… the transit of choice around here? Canoe of course!

Here’s the gang who went on the field trip:

Last night we were regaled with an amazing full moon over the lake. The water was so still, like a mirror, the sound of the loons occasionally jarring the feathery silence. Here’s the last picture for today, and of course it doesn’t nearly do justice to the amazing moonlit evening on the pier…

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