Comment problems

So it turns out that one of the problems of having a blog like this is that some really creepy, largely automated operations out there decide, for reasons that I cannot plumb, to deluge the comments section of my old posts with gay porn and fake rolex links. I’ve been spending at least 10 minutes a day every day for the past week deleting these kinds of posts which now number in the hundreds. I’ve decided to close down comments on all my old entries except for the most recent 5 or 6, and I may have to do it on those too if these shitheads keep it up. Sorry!

2 comments to Comment problems

  • Speaking of linkspam, it has its positive uses. Like failure.

  • They do that because Google gives blogs a lot of credibility, and gives links a lot of credibility, so links from a blog are a good way to get your dite up to the first page on Google. If you search for, say, pthc, a term I learned from MSNBC, most of the top hits are pages like those you mentioned. Link-spam.

    What is more interesting is to look at the google trends page for pthc. You can see where people are who search for it — largely Germans. Interesting that the U.S. doesn’t even make the list. Nice to know we’re not #1 in net searches for kiddie porn.

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