Blogging tech… sooooo easy!

So I’ve been spending an hour or two over the past two or three days trying to read SAMS Teach Yourself Movable Type in 24 hours… hah! RTFM is a waste of time for me. I really cannot find the answers to the things I need. If anyone happens to read this, maybe you can tell me why the text formatting buttons for bold, italics, underline, and URL linking do not appear in version 3.0D, neither in my preferred browser, Mozilla, nor in MS Exploder… Reading the book hasn’t helped, and the built-in help doesn’t explain it either. So, my attempt to jump in and get up and running by just *doing* simply isn’t working…
I will keep slogging along, hoping there’s someone who can walk me through the basics, since it’s just not as obvious as it should be.
Meanwhile, San Francisco is at its most beautiful these days. Crystal clear air, fresh wind blowing in from the sea, warm September sunshine. I’ve been taking walks over Bernal Heights, the Mission, Potrero Hill my usual stomping grounds from my new digs on Folsom Street between 24th and 25th. Just walking around is a great pleasure, seeing this city in all its tangled beauty… of course I spend a lot of time imagining how different it could be. Different in little easy ways, and in big hard-to-imagine ways. Oh well.

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  • Wiley

    Chris! its great to see you blogging! Of all the people out there that need to blob, you are at the top of that list. if you email me at my real address, I can maybe help you with your technical issues. we are running the same blog software on

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