CREAM and more

Here’s a super fast entry! (Impossible!)… Today’s new Bay Guardian is full of Mona’s amazing illustrations, and even a short essay by yours truly on the future of San Francisco… check it out… and if you didn’t already know, that same future of the city is being debated at City Hall in front of the Rec and Parks Commission when dozens go there to lobby for the Natural Areas Plan (and a bunch of dog lovers go to argue against it!)…

The day before yesterday, a gentleman who has been tagging the city for years hit the news when he got fined $20,000 for his “art” all these years… whatever you think about tagging and graffiti, his years of writing on the walls of the city are pretty impressive (if not very beautiful)… anyway, I loved the bit, buried far down in the article, where he explained one of his monikers, CREAM:

CREAM: Cash Rules Everything Around Me!

That’s the battle, isn’t it? To make sure that we don’t live in a CREAM world…

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  • Adam

    I caught the essary this morning over coffee after an enjoyable ride downtown. Thanks for the vision.

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