Missing but Active!

No time to post this last week or so. And I’m in a tizzy getting ready for the CounterPULSE “Slow Food Feast of Fools and Friends” this Sunday, which I’m producing. Big fun ahead! And all sold out!

I am also excited about next Wednesday’s Spring Talk on “Black Exodus/Black Eviction” with Willie Ratcliff of the San Francisco Bayview, Alicia Schwartz of POWER, and filmmaker Kevin Epps (“Straight Outta Hunter’s Point). And then I got recruited to appear on April 17 at a panel in Chinatown (Lau Elementary School, 950 Clay, 6:30-8:30) called “Ruin, Rubble and Race: The San Francisco Earthquake and Post-Katrina America, 1906 to 2006” with CC Campbell-Rock, Willie Ratcliff and Connie Young Hu, moderated by Bob Wing. So it’s going to be fast and furious for a bit, but I’ll be back with my backlog of thoughts and bonbons!

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