Cautiously Rising!

OK, I’m up and running! Well… I’m up, I’m moving around, the agony seems to have subsided. A cortisone shot 9 days ago made it less painful right away but I still had limited mobility. After 5 days I started to feel better upright, and actually made dinner myself! Now I can walk and I’m even starting to sit a little on a big ball… so I’m excited! I consulted with a surgeon this past Wednesday and we concluded that I might need surgery but should wait another 3-4 weeks and see if I don’t get a lot better without it… and I am already a lot better than I was on Wednesday! Yay!

On Wednesday, Adriana drove me to Crissy Field to celebrate my slowly recovering body. Here are some photos from there to celebrate:

I’ve been tracking the dunes since the whole “restoration” project started years ago. Here’s a couple of shots of the apparently quite healthy dune ecology with the GG Bridge looming behind it:

Once you’re down there at the northern edge of the city it rarely takes long before some huge container ship trundles by, loaded down with hundreds of containers filled with more junk. The developing economic collapse has been one of the entertaining aspects of my laid-up period, so seeing this ship steaming under the bridge seemed weirdly ironic.

Laying down for most of 6 weeks made it too easy to watch TV. Saw a ton of movies and have been quite the dedicated Warriors basketball fan. They are certainly one of the most entertaining teams in the NBA these days. The incessant car ads drive me crazy, of course, but I have laughed out loud at all the weird drug commercials on tv now. Half the ad involves this ominous voice-over warning of all the horrible side effects that might ensue if you take the product, including such appetizing details as diarrhea, sores, swollen or puffy skin, etc. etc…. and then there’s that enticing warning with the sex drugs: if you have a hard-on for more than 4 hours call a doctor!…. shee-it, 4 hours?!? what a drag that must be!…

Anyway, I don’t just watch TV all the time. I managed to cruise through a couple of novels in the past week: Doris Lessing’s The Cleft (strange alternate origin story) and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road (poignant story of man and boy struggling through nuclear winterized landscape of cannibalism and total destruction… haunting and grim, but a great read)…

Working on a big tour for Nowtopia, starting at Penn State Univ. on April 29, then Frederick MD, Wash DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, NYC (Brecht Forum May 9, VoxPop in Brooklyn May 13, Bluestockings May 14, CUNY May 15), then hopefully Amherst MA May 16, Boston May 17 and 18, Providence RI May 19 or 20… a trip to Rome and Milan through the rest of May (hopefully), and then from mid-June a two week jaunt through the Pacific Northwest: Eugene, Portland, Olympia, Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria….not much of the latter confirmed yet, but I’m trying… will post more later on all this as it firms up…

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