June 2 protest against G8

It was great to see a big demo, 80,000 at least, lots of different people, many different factions, organizations and parties. Mostly it was a pleasant walk through Rostock but since it ended with the riot, that got all the attention since then. Here, instead, are a medley of photos from the big June 2 march:

I was curious about this odd group that went by under the flag of “Fuck”. They had brass instruments and discarded military surplus uniforms, walked in formation, and towed this puzzling flag and sculpture behind them.

Another excellent piece on Saturday at the start” a bunch of © symbols, music symbols, paragraph symbols (to indicate the paragraphs in trade treaties seeking greater rights for intellectual property), DNA molecules, etc., were arranged in a cordoned-off roundabout at the gathering place near the main train station. Lab-coated “scientists” “worked” among them. Another performer repeatedly tries to enter the “commons” but is kept out by the scientists” demonstrating the privatization and sequestering of expert knowledge. Quite beautiful.

These guys came in on a big sailing ship from Denmark. They’ve been at all the demonstration marches so far, monarchical and poised, and they also have a lovely poster/brochure they’re distributing…

And here’s a smattering of other participants that caught my eye:

These guys are bringing this to all events to dramatize the “settling” of the bombing range where these kinds of triangles are supposed to serve as bombing targets. There’s a place in former eastern Germany that NATO has designated a bombing range and activists are trying to demilitarize.

These red ballons are calling for debt cancellation.

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