Cuzco Carnaval

Cuzco’s Carnaval was on our radar and we landed in time to rush to the Plaza de Armas and catch the last floats of what was probably a huge procession. It turned out fine when we followed the celebrants out of the plaza to the next public square where different contingents decompressed together on the square’s staircases. This entry is almost entirely photos from those few hours that we caught the fun.

Huge Inca monument greets you near Cuzco's Bus Terminal.


Santa Domingo Church built on the Incan temple of Coricancha, whose stone walls are all that's left beneath the catholic church.

We rushed down to the Plaza de Armas and found the last few contingents still making their way through the historic plaza.

The plaza is lined by these gorgeous balconies and arched walkways.

This is nearly at the exit point of the plaza.

People clustered on the public stairs in the next plaza.

Another view of the same scene.

We learned that the participants were anxious to get their tickets, showing they had attended the march, or else they would have to pay in some other way to their community associations.

Adriana is brilliant at striking up conversations with people... in this case it led to a hilarious "axing" that preceded our getting quite inebriated with some of these generous folks.

Foam spraying is de rigeur for Andean carnaval...

Adriana quickly and easily got into the mix, sharing her Giants hat.

This woman wanted me to pose with her so she could show it later to her husband, who lives with another woman somewhere in the Bay Area.

These guys gave us a bunch of their homebrew firewater and we got quite looped!

Hailing from the market...

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