UnSilent Night

Another beautiful evening last night, cold and crisp with a whisper of a moon lurking. Phil Kline’s annual “Unsilent Night” took place from Dolores Park, wending through 19th, Linda, Dearborn, Albion, 16th, Dolores, Chula, and Church back to the park, with hundreds of boomboxes broadcasting his tape compositions.

Really a uniquely beautiful event every year… Not many know it as they walk along but the route follows the old lake shore that once filled that space, passing the California monument to the original mission built along the lake’s edge. Of course it’s been buried by the city for 130 years, though with every earthquake we can imagine it bursting back to the surface… and I put it back in my novel 150 years in the future. Nature will have the last word, I’m sure.

Anyway, click for more for my youtoob clip for your listening pleasure…

the earlier clips are all completely dark, my camera not being up to the dim light, but the sounds are really eerie and beautiful. You get a taste from this…

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