Sex Pioneers

I’m not going to write a long entry here. Just had that odd internet moment when two apparently unrelated but actually closely intertwined links appeared to me in a matter of minutes. Firstly, on a small private email list, a friend brought up Andrea Dworkin’s recent death, and made some positive comments about her. I was peripherally on the sex-positive scene in the mid-eighties when my ex- (Caitlin Manning) was making Stripped Bare, a documentary on five local strippers here in San Francisco. One of the friends we made during that time was Susie Bright, and as my email pal surmised, she has a very interesting take on Dworkin’s passing. I always thought of Dworkin as this dark, sex-hating, depressed unhappy woman. I never met her or heard her or even read her, but she was the caricature of all that weird penis-hating, man-hating feminism that seemed to take over intelligent discussions of real social relations in the late 1970s and early ’80s.

Flash forward to 2005. On today’s SF Gate website, there’s a nice piece by the always interesting Gregory Dicum on a new sensation that started in Norway and is now in Berlin. A 20-something couple launched an eco-porn website called, and they’ve already raised nearly $100K for their strange combo of hardcore porn and eco-proselytizing about the state of the forests and the planet. I went there but wasn’t motivated enough to plunk down my $15 for a month of porn… at least not yet! But maybe you are, dear reader!

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