Nuclear Attack on Iran?

Impossible? Insane? There are increasing signs of it. I don’t know what kinds of protest, traditional or otherwise, might be able to derail this if it’s really going to happen, but at least I thought I’d throw my two cents into trying to publicize the invisible machinations that might be taking us to nuclear war. I found two sources on this, one from Ken McLeod’s blog, the brilliant British science fiction writer, who has a long-ish post up today.

The other link came via email, and points to a multilingual site on the Iraq war. This second one argues the planned March opening of an Iranian oil exchange based on euros is the ultimate threat that forces the U.S. to attack, in order to defend the increasingly flimsy dollar.

Just when you thought the new year was looking so promising, what with the collapse of the Delay-Abramoff corruption empire, the increasing delegitimization of the war criminal/kleptocracy, the melting glaciers and rising oceans… hey, maybe a little nookular war will put it all back together again! Happy New Year!

And be sure to come to the Spring Talks at CounterPULSE… our new series starting on January 18 with a presentation on the historic General Strikes in San Francisco (1934) and Oakland (1946), and then on January 25 Greg Gaar will do one of his amazing slide shows of pre-urban San Francisco. Much more to follow, twice monthly til June. Hope to see you there!

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