I’m baaaacckkk!

Just a quick hello… I’ll be posting here again in short order. Got a few things piled up on my plate first, but hope to start my old rhythm blogging again soon… thanks for hanging in there!

Those of you who know me may have feared that my long-held conviction that nature is trying to kill me had actually been borne out… not yet! and to prove it, here’s a few nature shots I got away with in the past few weeks…

right outside my window, bird on bird action!

Sandpipers scoot on Coleman Beach in Sonoma County

This redwood in Armstrong Redwoods Park did NOT fall on me!

This endangered desert tortoise in Joshua Tree park did NOT endanger me!

These cholla cactus did not poke me!

This trip to Joshua Tree Nat’l Park was well worth it, in spite of a hellish night next to some locals who showed up on Sunday night to “partay”… with full volume J. Geils Band on their car stereo and everything. When I awoke for the 5th time in the midnight darkness, I overheard one of the guys saying to another: “Hey man, you know that beer commercial? The one where they say ‘this is as good as it gets?’… well y’know, this CAN’T be as good as it gets!”… succinct, poignant, unexpected depth in the mysterious night of the desert…

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