All Sped Up!

Sorry to any regulars who are missing my posts. I am darn busy these days, suffering the normal plight of the modern urban guy who is wearing about 4 or 5 different hats. We’re painting on weekends at the new CounterPulse space (1310 Mission, and yes, we need volunteers and donations–hoo boy, do we ever!), after having an inspiring first-ever Community Introduction Night last Thursday. Friends are visiting from Brazil, had a lovely dinner party with old friends and new gathering to share some caipirinhas and Mona’s newly invented Leek-nigella risotto…
I felt pissed at good ol’ Jon Stewart and his Daily Show when they caved in so abjectly to the Iraqi election as a propaganda victory for Bush. Sheesh! Don’t they read anything?!? I guess they just watch tv. It should be obvious that there is no contradiction between a decent turnout in some parts of Iraq and a near-unanimous desire to expel the U.S. from that sorry place. People were voting as much to end the occupation as anything else. And it looks like they’ll end up with a Shia-dominated government that is committed to some kind of Islamic law… will the Negroponte death squads start assassinating the new government next month or the month after that?
I’m reading Jonathan Lethem’s Fortress of Solitude but will give a review later, plus about four other books. But my own writing is suffering. Haven’t been able to get undivided time to resume the writing on the next book. Transcribing interviews, writing short pieces for other magazines (Journal of Art & Protest, LiP, Capitalism Nature and Socialism–all maybe’s).
Anyway, I’m not suffering really, just kvetching. My life is weirdly good compared to the insanity of the world around me.

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